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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I register?

A. Visit the official website,, to register.

1. Click on: Be a Participating Salon.

2. Fill out information requested.

3. Please read and agree to the terms.

4. Print, fill out and sign the Credit Card Authorization form.
PHFH Credit Card Authorization Form
Fax 914-423-1436 or Email

5. You will receive an email confirmation that your registration is complete.

6. Place your order (increments of 10 strands/pack) by calling 855-LUV-PHFH (855-588-7434), Fax 914-423-1436 or email to PHFH Order Form

Q. How do I pay for the Pink hair?

A. Provide SHE by SO.CAP USA ® with $10 (credit card, cash or SALON BUSINESS CHECK) for each hair extension purchased at time of registration. A valid credit card must be provided with your order (a Credit Card Authorization form to be completed at registration). All orders must be prepaid using the Credit Card you authorize before hair is shipped. Orders must be paid in full before any new hair will be shipped to the Salon.

Q. Can I return unopened Pink Hair packages?

A. We are not accepting any returns of pink hair extension packages - open or unopened.

Q. What is the minimum order?

A. 10-piece minimum (1 package)

Q. How is Pink Hair shipped?

A. All orders will ship UPS Ground free of charge. Upgraded shipping is available at the customer’s expense.

Q. If I do not do extensions, can I still participate?

A. YES. You can purchase our Clip-in Pink Hair Extensions